About the Masseria

“Although the Masseria has its own history, we won’t narrate it. We prefer to let your imagination invent stories and characters that animate it, hoping that they will keep you company during your stay and long after”

Serra dell’Isola has been built by my ancestors in the 17th century. More than the owner, I consider myself the heiress and the guardian of a tradition and of a place where time and the frenetic rhythm of the metropolis are far away and unknown.

Once a journalist specialized in environment and agriculture, today I devote myself to the studies of Puglia’s history and of our southern identity.
I enjoy cooking traditional meals, making jams and marmalades, and preparing exquisite rosoli, all recipes hedged in precious cook books written by the ladies of my family throughout the centuries.

My library is a well of curiosity and interest for my guests. Within the quietness of my gardens you will discover the joy of laying under the trees while reading a good book, and feel the mistral wind blowing; the “wind of the Lords”, as the farmers used to call it, because of the gentle breeze that gets up in the late morning and brings here the pleasant smell of the sea.

Rita Guastamacchia

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